Check out the work of the 4 winners of the What-to-print-in-3D 2015 competition.

Logiplaces 3D puzzle

Logiplaces 3D puzzle

Designer: Dániel Lakos



Designer: Péter Szabó

RATTLE rhythm instrument

RATTLE rhythm instrument

Designer: Ákos Wágner

Bony and vascular model

Bony and vascular model

Designer: JustAnatomy Kft.

The winners

1st Prize White Cube Award

LOGIPLACES 3D puzzle. Designer: Dániel Lakos

In accordance with the jury’s decision, Dániel Lakos from the Tervhivatal Studio company won the First prize and the White Cube award with a LOGIPLACES 3D printed puzzle. The concept of this puzzle is that the player needs to solve a 3D urban tissue, topography, natural facture, or terrain instead of a 2D picture. Thus, in contrast to the only visually inspiring two-dimensional puzzles, the three-dimensional puzzle stimulates the player with tactile, tensile sensation. The costumer would be able to pick his or her favorite location to print it digitally as a puzzle and a table-top sculpture. 3D printing is a perfect solution to serve these needs.


2nd Prize

'lilylamp’ generative 3d printed lampshade. Designer: Péter Szabó, parametric | art

The complex geometry of the flower-formed shape is generated through mathematical functions, like geometry transformations, iteration and variation. The curve runs with various thicknesses (driven by attractors) around the shape of the light bulb, which acts like parametric louvers guiding the light of the LED bulb through the ribbon-like lampshade structure. Using transparent plastics as a material, interesting light effects can be reached. Personal and customizable design This unique customizable 3d printable geometry is generated by an algorithm, the input parameters are given by the user. The .stl file will be prepared for 3d printing on most common desktop 3d printers. This way, users can create their on-of-a-kind sculptural designer lampshades using their browser and wether 3d print on their own or order a print from a professional digital manufacturing company. 


3rd Prize 

RATTLE - experimental rhythm instrument. Designer: Ákos Wágner

RATTLE is an experimental rhythm instrument with balls in different sizes moving in spaces of different shapes and sizes. It's aim is to explore the effects caused by mixing traditional musical instruments and 3D printing. The inner balls are touching diverse, undefined surfaces and are separated from each other. The object can be held in multiple ways, it's easy and comfortable to use.


Special Prize

Bony and vascular reconstruction model of a French Bulldog’s head. Planner: JustAnatomy Kft.

The model of a French bulldog shows bones and arterial system on its head and neck till the entrance of thoracic cavity. Therefore it could be traced well and vividly how the two common carotid arteries (a. carotis communis) and vertebral arteries (a. vertebralis) pass forward from the level of first ribs to the head. In order to demonstrate intracranial blood supply too, we removed a part from the right half of the skull.