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Award ceremony of the What-to-print-in-3D competiton

On the Budapest 3D Printing Days announced the winners of the What-to-print-in-3D competition. (in Hungarian)


An injured Rook have received

a printed leg

One of the candidates in the What-to-print-in-3D applications, Kornel Horvath Hortobágy Bird Hospital patient of one leg scored Rook designed artificial leg. The limb also helping their lost animals used in 3D printing technology. The design can be viewed here:


Interview with the winners of the "What-to-print-in-3D" on the VARINEX Garden Party 2015

The winners of the What-to-print-in-3D competition have been announced.  They were interviewed at the VARINEX Garden Party, where the 20 best applications of the competiton were presented to the attendees. (in Hungarian)