Application Criteria 

Applicants can compete with any artworks based on 3D printing technology and printable by 3D printers for industrial or home use.


Natural persons or legal entities and business organizations without legal entity can apply for the competition.


An application can be submitted with a design that meets the following requirements: it is not older than 3 years, it did not participate in the 2014 What-to-print-in-3D competition, it does not contravene copyrights and industrial property rights, it does not include model parts with smaller than 1 mm of wall thickness.

Preliminary registration

Deadline: March 20, 2015.


Preliminary registration serves as an indication that the applicant intends to participate. It does not oblige him to submit the application.

Submitting the application

Deadline: March 30, 2015.


Documents Required for Application:

  • filled application form 

  • product design in PDF file;

  • 3D CAD model of the product in .stl format;

  • a max. A3 size poster, in electronic format, presenting the product, consisting of a max. 1 page product description illustrated by 2-3 characteristic pictures (description should be in editable [word] format, while pictures should be of at least 300 dpi resolution [with jpg extension]).


Application documentation can be submitted only in electronic format. The project’s CAD and PDF files and the poster should be uploaded by the applicants to the their own Dropbox or Google Drive accounts and the appropriate links should be included in their application forms. The language of the documentation should be English.